Last week was Thanksgiving. Despite having the entire week off work I kept all my runs under an hour in order to maximize time spent with family.

I run for a couple of reasons:

  1. Physical training gives me the strength and stamina I need to enjoy other physical pursuits. As an example, I only get to ski, canoe and backpack about once a year. I do not perform any specific training for those pursuits, but the fitness I gain from running allows me to enjoy them.
  2. I enjoy the sport of running long distances and would like to get better at it. Ultimately, I've selected running as my primary sport because I would like to be a better runner.

Neither of these require sacrifacing quality time with family around the holidays.

Next week I'll be back on my grind. This week 28.4 miles was exactly enough. My legs feel healthy, my spirit is happy and my mind is clear. Next week I'll be ready to work. This week was for family.